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A Wild Hotfix Appeared!


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Here we see Jimmy contemplating the meaning of death.

Hello everyone, here we are again with a new work in progress... no wait, wrong script...

Please stand by

Okay, so looks like it's a small patch we're dropping today, ain't that nice!
So it's a small patch with a few fixes and some optimizations that should improve your gameplay experience.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes it was still possible to drag and drop crates through doors and walls.

  • Implemented clipping prevention for third person views. Should solve issues with picking up items through walls by using camera clipping, and being able to see outside some buildings through walls.

  • Fixed a bug where you were not able to patch wounds in events.

  • Fixed a bug where you had to request patching wounds twice if they had an item in hands.

  • Fixed a bug where when you holstered a weapon while scoping the FoV multiplier would become incorrect.

  • Fixed a bug where when you exited a vehicle beside a thin wall you would sometimes clip through it.

  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't be draggable and visible in vicinity if near a window

  • Fixed a bug where you would get stuck with scoping overlay if an event was entered while scoping.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when in car other people could see your holstered weapon that was clipping through the roof.

  • Fixed a bug when entering a vehicle a "ghost" backpack would spawn besides the car.

  • Fixed a bug where if you died wet you would respawn wet.

  • Fixed a bug where some items that you stored in your care after some time driving it you couldn't drag and drop it anymore.

  • Fixed a bug where if the vehicle would turn upside down you wouldn't be able to exit the vehicle.

  • Fixed a bug where cargo drops sometimes got stuck in tress, houses and other places where the player could not get to them.

  • We added some small server optimizations.

Read on Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791456533850/announcements/detail/1750114273484291173