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Community showcase and Q&A


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018
Hey everyone! It's Tuesday. Happy Tuesday! Yay! Yeah I have no inspiration for this intro.
You know the drill by now pictures, captions and surprisingly useful useless answers. Now that's an oxymoron. before you go who are you calling an ox or a moron google the word.

Let's go!

I guess you can say the game is back on track. Badumtss

An actual picture of your grandparents walking to school.

"Now give me a B!"

Not sure if good painting or bad rendering.

That one per list I just think looks cool and have nothing witty to say.

"What got you so spooked?" "There is something in those trees."

"Bye, Felicia"

We've all been there buddy. We've all been there.

Still a better love story than...

"Get that light out of my head! It's unBEARable!" Also my one per list.

Alright time for the Q&A. Here we go.

  • Well I try, wouldn't call myself a comedian but thank you. <3

  • It already is? I'm not exactly sure what more you want here buddy.

  • Don't listen to this guy. We are in no way sponsored by NASA or any other US agency. Wink wink.

  • Scopes and sights were always meant to be rare loot. As for the hunter and hunter scopes hunting all the time, yes we see those. We are still in the process of loot balance and are reading the feedback from you guys about that. So cheers to you.

  • Try re-installing EAC.

  • Disgustang.

  • *cough*[en.wikipedia.org] sorry I had something stuck in my throat there. What was your question again?

  • When you leave puberty.

  • No problem doll <3

  • Xenos are for purging not supporting.

That is all for now folks. As always feel free to leave your questions below for the next Q&A, or you know yell at us so I can have fun.

"I actually get paid to shitpost" Beda

P.S. I just want to give one shotout.

Mechs. Yea we all love them and they work amazing we know no need to tell us. Now the only problem is there are none in real life. Well Gremlin73 fixed that problem. The man, the myth, the legend created a 3D printable Mech and even painted one. Now that's awesome(SCUM wargame when). He even shared the files so you can do it yourself.

So raise your glass to this guy.

Link to the files[www.thingiverse.com]

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