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Developer Showcase #10 - Jesus (Programmer)


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Hey, lovelies!

We have some very busy times ahead of us here at Gamepires for reasons I won't tell, but you'll have to trust me when I say you're gonna love it and you don't even have to wait much longer!

I don't know if you've seen our tweet from yesterday, but if you have, then you probably already know that my today's guest is Jesus, one of our programmers.

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the blog post tells me so.

I have already mentioned in one of the previous posts that no one knows his real name. That was a lie. Sorry. His real name is Tomislav which means he shares the same name with 2 other people in the company which means they all have nicknames. See? Now the mystery is ruined which wouldn't have happened if you had just trusted that I know what's best for you in the first place. He's Jesus because he works wonders and loves everyone.

"I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: Tena Trying to Fit in with the Art Team and Praise Jesus at the Same Time", 2019, mixed media

Jesus has been with Gamepires for about 3 years and during that time he's done a lot of cool things for the game. He's also produced countless terrible bugs because there needs to be balance in the universe. He's made several iterations of the inventory system on the programming side of things - that means you can't see those because they are in The Code, but they're good and useful and they'll make your game experience smoother. For example, our old chest system performed really bad, but Jesus is working on overhauling it, and, if things go according to his plan, the performance boost will be huge! He's also worked on the coding side of object interactions, fortifications, UI, and, his favorite, wetness shaders.

All this water and you're still thirsty.

I asked him about his favorite part of working on SCUM and he just started counting everything he's ever done like a huge weirdo that he is. He says he loves shaders, effects and tricky optimizations. He also likes helping out our art team by coding mini-tools for Unreal to make their jobs easier. He's Jesus, after all, but Jesus has things he doesn't like, too. I asked about the worst part of his job and he just said "UI". "Okay, but why? Too complicated?" "Nah, it's pretty simple actually." "Too boring?" "Yes, maybe? No, that's not it, it's not that boring." "There has to be a reason." "I hate things that have to do with design." "That doesn't make any sense." "Blessed are those who are misunderstood, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Jesus: "Okay so this is what I made." Patrik: "Are you showing her your shaders again?" Jesus: "Duh." Patrik: "Of course you are." Me: "I have no idea what's happening." Jesus: "Shhhhh baby just let it happen."

If you have any questions for Jesus, make sure to ask them in the comments. If you don't have any questions for Jesus, you can just make fun of him for being a Ville Valo fanboy, that works too!

Follow our updates more closely for the next few days because you're in for a treat! Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!


Take this, all of you, and drink from it, for this is the chalice of gin and tonic, the gin and tonic of the new and eternal covenant

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