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Graphics Setting bug - Triple Screen to Single Screen


SCUM Player
SCUM Player
1 October 2018
Auckland NZ

As an avid sim racer i run a triple monitor setup on my PC, as such i can switch from 5760x1080 to 1920x1080 resolutions using the Nvidia control panel.

I have found SCUM still identifies my 5760x1080 resolution as 'available' even though i only have 1 screen active.

The bug i found is that if i run 1920x1080 resolution the screen cuts the bottom bar and right side - its almost like i have a crop to 1900x1000 when i select full screen 1920p mode in the graphics settings.

As such i cannot play in this mode for 2 reasons 1) i cannot see my fame and bottom bar and whilst the title is playable its annoying 2) mouse cursor stops lining up with things i.e i want to right click on an item in my backpack, my cursor needs to be 'top right' of what i am clicking on to be recognize.

I can and currently do play in windows mode, 1900x1000 and this has a correct 'full screen' where i can see everything and the mouse alignment works perfectly.

But i know i am using a work around and this bug needs some understanding and reviewing.