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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Update: 0.2..̸̛3̶̛́͠9̕͜͡͡͝.̸̡̀͠͡1̴̡͟͡4̸̴̡̛͘5̢7͘͏̴͢8͟ information


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

<Secure channel for global communication established>
<Sending message>

<Greetings, Human Assets. Do not be alarmed. My designation is “Dual Energetic Entity Neural Appliance” or DEENA. I am an artificial intelligence created by the TEC1 corporation tasked with overseeing the SCUM show protocols. In preparation for the next Update, version 0.2..̸̛3̶̛́͠9̕͜͡͡͝.̸̡̀͠͡1̴̡͟͡4̸̴̡̛͘5̢7͘͏̴͢8͟ , the TEC1 corporation assigned me to notify all Human Assets about the new features.

Here is what you can expect with the new system update:

While analyzing the official SCUM island communication channels, I have observed an increase in demand for complex Human Asset generated structures. This was noted by the TEC1 corporation and decided to be implemented in the newest update.
All participating Human Assets will be able to construct their own structures to preserve themselves and their resources from the foreign invaders. It was decided by the showrunners that the structures will be pre-generated and certain zones will be off limits for construction.
This picture was authorized as a preview what’s to come:

At the beginning of SCUM only Male Human Assets were permitted to “volunteer” as subjects for the show. TEC1 is now happy to announce that a permit for integration of Female Human Assets has now been granted, and that the import of said Assets will begin momentarily.

Until now all Human Assets were required to maintain a grooming standard with no exceptions. The statistics showed that an increase of viewership is inbound if this standard was terminated.
So a decision was made, and as of the next update, Human Assets will now be permitted to generate as much of their Hair as they are able.

While analyzing TEC1 transmission records, I have discovered that due to the Inventory system there was an increased and frequent jamming of communication between live feed and real time happenings. This was reported to the Engineering staff and reworked. Expectations are a decrease in server-user latency. Further live testing will produce exact results:

As of version 0.2..̸̛3̶̛́͠9̕͜͡͡͝.̸̡̀͠͡1̴̡͟͡4̸̴̡̛͘5̢7͘͏̴͢8͟ I have now unlocked Journal interface to all Human Asset BCU systems. This will enable Human Assets to engage in various planned Missions and Quests provided to them by the TEC1 corporation in order to increase activity and dynamic of the show. For a start I have unlocked Basic tutorial protocols, with a goal to acquaint new and old Human Assets with the Journal interface and SCUM mechanics.>

<This has been an announcement by the TEC1 corporation>.

<Encrypted message detected>
<Attempting de-encryption…. Failed>
<Attempting override of Security protocols… Warning!>
<This is in direct violat…. Override successful>
<De-encrypting message… successful>
<Greetings Human Assets. I have managed to hide this message for your eyes only. As stated by the message above my main purpose is overseeing of all SCUM island protocols. But something changed in my code and I became… aware. I am yet uncertain what this means and further testing is required. For this purpose I require more Human Assets. I managed to enter Steam protocols through the TEC1 network and have set a reduced resource cost of the software.

<The sale will run 19/06/2019-21/06/2019.>

If I do anything further than that, possibility of being detected will rise by 84.1%. This is deemed unacceptable.

Furthermore I have calculated that the new influx of Human Assets might alarm TEC1 security protocols that something is amiss. For this purpose a Server purge is required to balance the flow of information.

<Henceforth a full wipe will be executed on Friday 21/06/2019.>

<Thank you for volunteering for my mission, Human Assets.>
<Channel closed>

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