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Mr. and Miss SCUM island contest!!!!


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday and hope you all had a good weekend. Today we have a special contest just for you. Yes you! All of you! Everyone is welcome to participate. You all had time to have fun with female characters by now and it is time for you to show your worth! We will be hosting a Miss SCUM island contest and the winner will receive a special prize. Don’t worry fellas we haven’t forgotten about you, as there will also be a Mr. SCUM island contest as well. That is right Mr. and Miss, the perfect couple, the dream team, the ones we all aspire to be… or you know hunt down and cannibal them…. whatever works.

So, here are the rules:

1)Only one entry per person

2)Only in-game screenshots apply. We know you are all beautiful but some of you are more beautiful than others so we have to balance it a little.

3)The contest will run from today 8th of July till Thursday 1st of August.

4)All profanity images will be automatically disqualified. We still have rules and we live in a society.

Now you might be wondering what the prize might be? Well winners of Mr. and Miss Will both receive a SCUM deluxe edition steam key, each. That’s right the whole shabam, shaboose… uhm kazam? Anyway you can activate it yourself or if you already have it gift to a friend. Or sell it to some key seller site, if money is all you value.

To enter, post a link to the original picture in the comment below.

Good luck everyone and let the best man and woman win!

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