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Patch notes


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Added Anti cheat, server admin options and much more! Check down bellow!

  • Anticheat is up an running. We will continue to upgrade it, and keep SCUM as cheat free as possible!

    P.S - Also using exploits will be considered cheating and can result in a

  • Server admin controls are also added.

  • Sentries got nerfed a bit. (Longer reload times, bigger shooting cone, bigger chance to miss)

  • Fixed ammo exploit bug when using ammo directly from searched objects.

  • Fixed issue where items where invisible but could be picked-up after re-logging into the game.

  • Added natural attenuation for voice chat - Reduced radius for bullet flyby sounds.

  • Fixed bug that sometimes made mouse cursor disappear on the spawn screen

  • Fixed being able to commit suicide while dead.

  • Disabled chat and mic icon in singleplayer.

  • Puppet should now spawn proper meat after chopping, Calorie intake of human meat and puppet meat should now be correct

  • Server password access is thread-safe now.

  • Potential memory leak fix for master server.

  • Refresh button will be greyed out until we received the server list or timed out.

  • Server browser filtering and pinging improvements.

  • Adjusted AK47 run animation.

  • Added search to server browser.

  • Airport Hangar: Doors oppened (now sentries can get in)

  • Airport - Added Danger volumes (Once you enter the danger volume sentries will start looking for you, and if they see you they dont warn you but start shooting immediately)

    Also added a Bug section on steam threads so check that out and report all bugs you find there!
Read on Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791456533850/announcements/detail/1708442022352752895