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SCUM - Lootfix


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018
Hello ladies and gents, here we are with a small hotfix for the loot that went through the roof.

We might have messed up loot a bit.

We did a lot of loot testing yesterday.

So we tried to fix the loot (Yes I said tried, because math is more complicated than you think). And we think we hit the sweet spot (THIS IS NOT A PROMISE!!!).

Mainly loot was reduced. Also we reworked our loot groups to have better consistency through the game and various different locations (rural, police, city, military etc...)

We also squeezed some QoL and bug fixes in, as a little extra.

  • Added weight to all mines.

  • Adjusted weight of repairing kits.

  • Disabled getting any kind of xp from events.

  • Removed warning sound from trap detection.

  • Explosives now deal damage if you ride over them with a sledge.

  • You can fix quads now with vehicle repair kit.

  • Cabins and watchtowers have been upgraded with rainproof roofs. They wont leak anymore

  • Trap detection warning is no longer triggered by unarmed traps.

  • Added Play interaction to instrument.

PSA: Once this sale of 33% ends we are increasing the price to 30$

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