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Work in Progress Update [Feb 8, 2019]


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Good afternoon, boys and girls!

We just wanted to bring you up to speed with the stuff we're working on (I walked way too much around the office today to get all of that)!

  • Here's a new gun model fresh from our art team - a DT11. Right now they're working on the animations for it, so it's not quite ready yet, but worry not - you'll have two different new guns to play with in the next patch while you wait for this bad boy.

  • We've promised to add more car models with time and we always keep our word - here's the latest model we're working on.

    We're working on upgrading our driving system with these neat new additions (driving skill will soon be a thing):

  • Improved Vehicle Handling
    Driving skill and skill levels
    Improved Damage System
    Basic Vehicle Repair
    Lock/Open vehicle
    Lockpick/hot wire vehicle
    Refill Fuel System
    Vehicle Sounds/FX

  • We're also working on the urban assets! Yes, we understand you're tired of all the little villages and the scenery and the beautiful coastal area! Okay! We get it! You hate pretty things! That's why we're adding cities, which means we have to make a bunch of stuff to fill them with,

    Low residential building with small cute shops.

    Residential building with creepy stuff in the attic.

    City warehouse that will hold a lot of goodies! (Because why would we lie and lead you to your eternal doom)

  • As you guys liked our caves a lot, we're adding a whole damn mine in the game. No better feeling than being down there without food and water and hearing the support beams start breaking down.

    Entrance to the best party in town!

    Just joking, it's filled with terror.

    But for real, do not go down there.

  • I wanted to start this with a rock hard joke, but I wasn't allowed. Anyway, we have a quarry on the way as well. Couldn't find a rock for that knife? We got you, fam!

  • Let's talk items. We have a lot of new items in the works for you guys, here are some previews!

    A small trap for small animals.

    Can't wait to see what you guys will do with this one.

    A deadly weapon and a tool, 2 in 1, nailed it!

    More bows more fun!

    We also heard you like crossbows

Okay, we sorted all the pretty pictures (did we?). But we still have other info that we want to share!

  • We started working on objectives, missions and tutorials. Down below you can see some concepts of future NPCs that will play a role in SCUM.

  • Inventory rework

    From the ground up, visuals and functionality. We are aware that the current inventory is a bit clunky and confusing. That's why we decided to get back to the drawing board with it. Item stacking, item rotation, better stash management, all of it will be better, prettier and more efficient. We'll keep you posted as we make progress!

  • Cooking rework

    That pizza shop I was talking about before? Now you'll be able to have it, and put pineapples on it, as well as other terrifying things. In short, cooking will now work per design, also including various diseases, and possible death. The cooking skill will also be upgraded so having a person who knows how to cook will be a big bonus if you don't want to eat poison mushrooms or bad meat.

    DISCLAIMER: Everything you see and read here is prone to changes, and might end up in the game in a different way.

Read on Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791456533850/announcements/detail/1748988727366639416