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Work in Progress Update with a Twist [Jan 23, 2019]


Tayfun MUTLU
Staff member
SCUM Player
30 June 2018

Hey friends, it’s Tena, long time no read!

We were gonna write a Work-in-Progress update today, but Josip, our Work-in-Progress-writing boy suddenly got sick, so all of you are stuck with me. Sorry about that! It’s also his birthday tomorrow, so if you could use the comment section to spam him with good vibes it would be amazing! Please make sure to call him either baby boy or Sippy, he absolutely loves that.

Last week we finally moved into our new office! It’s been wild, but we made it! The move has been pretty hectic and stressful, but now that it’s over we can proudly say that we have definitely maxed our multitasking skill. We’re all very hands-on people and that’s something we pride ourselves in, so we did most of the work by ourselves.

I am aware this panorama is blurry, but it's the 8th version I took and at this point we can just conclude I'm not good at taking photos and leave it at that

The whole point of moving was to have enough space to hire more people, so at the same time we’ve been interviewing our candidates, putting together furniture, making new content, and, most importantly, fixing those bugs! We know you guys have been worrying about the move distracting us from our holy gamedev duties, but fret not! We take those duties seriously and would never disappoint you. On purpose. We have fixed A BUNCH of bugs and exploits that you have been reporting so diligently, but I won’t list them all because, honestly, it’s a 2 pages long list that you’ll get very soon in the patch notes anyway, and I like you too much to spam you like that.

What I will say is that we fixed most of, if not all, the stuff you’ve been complaining about. For example, you can’t cheat by glitching through walls using a sled anymore. Sorry, not sorry. You shouldn’t have been doing that in the first place. We also fixed dozens of bugs that have to do with blueprints, map teleporting, fortifications, locks, squad system abuse and many others, both big and small ones. Our programmers also fixed some performance issues that had to do with item spawning, so your whole game experience should be much smoother.

We haven't been just bug fixing either - our artists are working on some pretty cool new stuff, too. I won't say too much because I don't wanna spoil anything, but check out the pics down below for some random snippets.

Švarc is working on the M1887 rifle animation. He says he's having the time of his life.

Darian is working on this crossbow you've been asking for because you've been asking.

Ivona is working on some supersecret cool new stuff that I can't talk about yet, but I wanted to brag because it's fun. This photo is also blurry, but I was being sneaky which is an acceptable excuse.

I hope you weren't too disappointed by this post - you'll have Josip back tomorrow and then it's business as usual. I'd like to thank you again for the patience during our move and settling down in our new home. Thank you for all the kind messages as well - we have such a cool community of great people and we see it and appreciate it!

Love you all and talk to you soon!

Read on Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791456533850/announcements/detail/1712958942356109178